The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life

The Rose and the Thorn

Hadassa Word Press ( 2018-01-18 )

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"Are You Grateful for Being Given the Gift of Life?" This is the title of the first piece in this book, where Lev Hakak addresses the reader with a question to remind us how the central discourses of early first century CE spiritual leaders are still relevant to all of us today. He proceeds to point out the beauty of nature that we are handed freely as part of the gift of life. Lev Hakak points out the grandeur of “Cinderellas” that reached the highest positions, and those modest “Cinderellas” who live outside the limelight, who do not seek recognition even though they are major contributors to the beauty and betterment of the world. They remind him of the colors that fade into the unseen spectrums of vision that are part of every rainbow. Pain and suffering and calamities are part of the gift of life. Grief-stricken people search for God, and if they don’t perceive a response, they may become despondent and rebel against reality. Nevertheless, we are appreciative of the gift of life. Lev Hakak reminds us not only of the desire to live longer life that our modern culture often fixates on but also to continue enjoying and savoring life through fulfilling and meaningful work.

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